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Colorado Hockey Hub

A Message from the Association President

By Brian Kane, 07/12/16, 8:30PM MDT


Summer is half over, hockey is in the air again and we are preparing for another great year...

Summer is half over, hockey is in the air again, and we are preparing for another great year...

We wanted to clarify some things as we progress closer to the Fall season

Hockey Family,

Summer is half over, hockey is in the air again, and we are preparing for another great year...

We wanted to clarify some things as we progress closer to the Fall season


If you've been told by a member of another association that GMFHA is "folding" because the Thomas family has relocated to Idaho, please let them know this an inaccurate rumor and GMFHA will be on the ice again this season. It’s sad that other Associations are trying to exploit what is (to several of our family members) a personal loss as well as an Association loss. They were part of our hockey family and everyone will miss Keegan and Kelsey's heart, determination, smile and friendship, as well as Melissa, Kiley and Tim's Catamount spirit and support. Their departure has NO bearing on the future success of the GMFHA program. Please wish them well and pray for their happiness in their new life in Idaho. They will be missed.  

GMFHA was started to get away from the drama, politics and personal agendas like this, and just enjoy the game again.... Thank you


Registration has been delayed a bit as we upgrade the website and add enhancements that will help all of us in tracking funds, paying registrations, and communication to our members. Our team is working diligently with Sport Ngin to complete this process as soon as possible. We will notify everyone as soon as it opens.

The family discount program and goalie program will still be a part of this year’s registration. We will, however, INCLUDE tournament fees in this year’s registrations fees and the new system we are installing will be able to track everyone's individual accounts as the funds are applied to tournaments. We felt that showing the total costs up front will help everyone prepare for the expenditure and allow us to apply to Tournaments earlier than in previous years.  A payment plan will still be available as it was previous years.

  • We have booked and confirmed ice for the fall season through Sertich. We have the same ice allotment as last year, September through March.
  • We will be offering a referral program as we encourage our members to spread the word about our vision and what sets us apart from everyone else.
  • We have a major fundraising event coming up in less than a month, and we will be soon asking for your assistance in volunteering and support.  August 9th (at the Broadmoor) we will be hosting a golf tournament. It’s a major event with lots of man hours already put in and we will likely need additional resources as the day approaches. We are still looking for players and sponsors, so please spread the word on social media and share with your business partners. Sponsorships start at $500 and $250 for golf. See the GMFHA website for additional information or got to the event registration page at
  • We are participating in the Mile High Mite Learn to Play program that is sponsored by the Colorado Avalanche. It’s a great program that will bring additional young kids into the sport and our Association. Media from the Avs should be out later this evening. If you have friends with young kids who want to try the sport, this is an amazing program that will introduce them to the game of Hockey. Please help spread the word.

Please don't hesitate to talk to a Coach, Board Member, or me if you have any questions or concerns about the upcoming season.

In closing, please know that we have several new excited Board of Directors members, Coaches and families that have joined us this summer. We are committed to our program and the benefits it provides on and off the ice. We have the best coaches in the area who share a similar mindset that OUR KIDS COME FIRST. We are committed to building athletes of character, and lifelong friends through the game of hockey and we believe our structure and approach is the right mixture to achieve that. 

We hope you’re having a great summer and are getting excited about the upcoming season. I know I am!!

Thank you for your support

Brian Kane