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Colorado Hockey Hub


November's Fundraiser

Operation Pie Your Coach/President!

Come join us and pie your coach or president!

When: During practice Monday November 27th
Cost: $5 per pie, no limit!
*Available until pies run out or practice is over. All proceeds will go back to the organization to help keep season costs low. Cash or PayPal accepted.

Charity's Hope Give Back:

Charity's Hope is a local non-profit organization with the mission to fight hunger, poverty, unemployment and homelessness in an isolated and vulnerable society. Their purpose is to feed, clothe and educate one person at a time. They are consistently looking for non-perishable, unexpired food and clothing donations as well as volunteers and monetary donations. We would like the opportunity for you and your players to give back by bringing in donations and donating your time to volunteer!  See more at


October's Fundraiser

Butter braids were a huge success! As always, thank you to those that have supported our athletes!



Year Round Fundraising

PPCH is an all-volunteer non-profit organization. We rely on fundraisers to help pay for ice time and replacement equipment while maintaining low registration fees. Check out some of our active fundraisers!

Direct Donations

King Soopers Community Rewards

Click on the image to register for the King Soopers Community Rewards program and link your rewards card to PPCH using organization number NV122.

Squad Locker Spirit Wear

Click on the image to go to the PPCH store. 10% of the store comes back to PPCH!